Basic Solution

The basic solution contains 5 main elements with functions that eases the company’s workflow on different levels.

Tasks for the individual. A personal list, which contains tasks for the individual workers. This provides a quick and easy to understand summary of the tasks at hand.

Buildings are listed and placed on a map. Additionally, there is an option to file all data, of the building, in ZooPlanner. Therefore, all associated documents, in the building, are always easily assessable with ZooPlanner.

Workers are a part of the company. ZooPlanner provides a complete list of all workers, which can be viewed in either list – or gallery form. Furthermore, the workers can inform when they are on vacation. When on vacation, the worker will not receive any notifications about tasks. This makes it easier to reorganize the workplan and, if necessary, contact a potential substitute worker.

To summarize, ZooPlanner is a system, which provides a more effective way of communicating and planning within the different departments.

Profile makes it possible for the workers to create their own profile. With the profile they can insert a profile picture, contact information, working hours, department and building they are associated with.

The support function helps with any problems or questions, that might occur, when using ZooPlanner.