ZooPlanner is a complete solution for Zoo’s, whom wishes to keep track of everything via a single platform. With ZooPlanner you will get access to animal registration, task management, operation- and maintenance function, data collection and product handling for the stores within the Zoo. Additionally, ZooPlanner contains registration of vehicles and the maintenance of them. ZooPlanner is a tailored product, meaning you are not limited to the above mentioned. If you wish to add or remove any modules, we will do our best to find the right solution for your company.


In addition to a synopsis of the Zoos’ technical facilities, ZooPlanner also includes a complete summary of all the Zoos’ associated resources, such as intern and extern workers. Furthermore, ZooPlanner contains a navigation map of all the Zoos’ buildings and stores and their tasks/orders, this provides an overview of the many tasks and orders within the individual buildings and stores.