Products – CRMSofts’ planner

CRMSoft has developed a software for companies, whom wishes an easy and manageable system, that compiles and simplifies all forms of operation and maintenance. The software was originally developed for Copenhagen Zoo, and it is utilized daily by its many departments and personnel. The software provides an overview of tasks that needs solving, both planned and unplanned, and whether the tasks are high priority or not.

The software’s base package addresses 3 company types. The basic package can, with benefit, beneficiallybe upgraded with additional add-ons that is tailored to the company’s needs.

  • Zooplanner– for zoos
  • Parkplanner– for amusement parks
  • Eventplanner– for festivals

The personal log-in given to every worker can be tailored to their individual needs and authorizations level. Meaning, each worker is granted access to tasks, buildings and departments, only associated with the relevant workers.

You only see what you need to.

“Planner” grants the company and its workers a full history and overview of daily tasks, as well as how far each task has progressed. It is possible to add comments to the tasks during its completion, this eases the communication between the departments involved.

Additionally, “Planner” allows the company to collect, save and process data and samples, and with the build-in Illustrator tool “Planner”, grants a quick overview of water levels, heat usage, PH-levels and much more.

The core idea of the software is to prevent confusion regardingaround whether a task was shared or not. Therefore, a task needs approval by a leader or an operating office before it is visible to the worker, who has to perform the task. If a comment is added to the task, everyone involved will receive a notification about its addition via e-mail

“Planner” is accessible via accessibleweb browser, and automatically adjusts to the device you are using, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Notifications are sent via e-mail, but text message can be bought as an acquisition.

With the implementation of “Planner”; the company can save thousands of working hours yearly.